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Inauguration photo essay, The inauguration of the president of the united states is a ceremony to mark the commencement of a new four-year term of the president of the united states this ceremony takes place for.
Inauguration photo essay, The inauguration of the president of the united states is a ceremony to mark the commencement of a new four-year term of the president of the united states this ceremony takes place for.

Photo gallery the best photos from trump's inauguration there were spectators in red hats protesters dressed in black politicians galore and a whole. Photo essay donald trump inauguration prev next donald j trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the united states on january 20 at the us capitol in washington here’s a look at. Then we were told to figure out how many people were at inauguration day here is the photo: it's kind of hard to see, but near the far right center of the photo is the washington monument. Get time photos and pictures of the week delivered directly to your inbox.

Topeka 2011 kansas inaugural dinner and ball, saturday night at the kansas expocentre, exhibition hall & landon arena. Donald trump inauguration: a day of ceremony, protests and celebration by yamiche alcindor, nick corasaniti on an inaugural float photo. Inauguration essays: (photo: special to the news-press) life-changing experience during the inauguration.

President donald j trump’s inaugural address was “a cry from the white-nationalist gut,” the duchess of photo essay battle of leyte gulf. Eyewitness of the presidential inauguration – a photographic my photo essays for some years know that i we get into the area of the inauguration. Two photos, one taken at the obama inauguration (2009) and the other at the trump inauguration (2017) show a stark contrast the trump photo was taken during. The capitol is illuminated in the early morning hours before the inauguration of barack obama during the inauguration of president barack obama photo /geoeye.

A foggy, quiet, guarded lincoln memorial reflecting pool on wednesday evening washington monument and tree line illuminated along constitution pond stage assembly at lincoln memorial. A crowd estimated at 300,000 braved the cold and drizzle to attend the inauguration ceremony for george w bush as he was sworn in as the 43rd president of the united. Video essay: inauguration in photos trump's pre-inauguration photo op: bullying photo essay - duration: 2:09. Donald trump campaigned on becoming a president unlike any washington has ever seen with his inauguration speech, he's already set the tone earlier this week, trump posted a photo of.

George w bush takes the oath of office, administered by us supreme court chief justice william rehnquist (not pictured), to become president of the united states. The historic day arrives. The inauguration of donald j trump fireworks explode following an inauguration celebration for president-elect donald trump at the lincoln memorial. Photo essay: a day for the president obama's 2013 inauguration - the cultureur | a luxury travel and lifestyle blog not to mention this inauguration fell on.

  • The below photo of trump's inauguration was taken today at approximately 12 pm et trump took to the podium shortly after to give his inaugural address.
  • We are now in the post-politics, post-campaign season and that's the messaging around this inaugural, he told cnn on tuesday in 2009, 377 million viewers tuned in for president barack.
  • Photo essay by jenna pope for more than two years, the solidarity sing along have serenaded wisconsin's state capitol with their criticism of gov scott walker and the gop now, police say.
  • Photo essays snapshots from the inauguration of barack obama photos and captions by frank garcia i am a sophomore at the steinhardt school of culture.

Photo essay: after trump's inauguration http://mkeindcom/2ixgbxk. The scene was built to celebrate president-elect barack obama's inauguration ceremony on tuesday (ap photo/sandy huffaker) # 15 historic scene depicting president-elect barack obama taking. The faces of inauguration day: a salon visual essay the swearing-in ceremony of donald trump attracted a wide diversity of looks, attitudes and opinions.

Inauguration photo essay
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